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Yeast Infections

Thousands of people – men and women of all ages – have to deal with yeast infections. Many have tried several treatments, without being able to get rid of the infections.

Considering years of study and trying various methods seem like the best option.

We want to help by providing information on yeast infections in men and women.

We hope this website can be a resource for all people suffering from yeast infections.

Yeast Infection is a type of candidiasis. Candidiasis, an infection caused by a fungus, can occur in many parts of the body (for example in the throat or in the mouth). When this type of infection occurs in the genital area, it is called yeast infection. Sometimes this infection can also spread in the blood.

Babies and elderly people also may show symptoms of candidiasis: babies sometimes will display it in their bottoms due to nappies; in this case it is called nappy rash.

What is Yeast?

Yeast is a single-cell fungus. Due to its size, it is microscopic. We all have a small amount of yeast in the body. One of the types of yeast is called Candida. When there is an overgrowth of this particular yeast type, then we may experience candidiasis. The overgrowth can be caused by medicines and health-related issues. As yeast can be found in certain types of food, it is advisable to avoid such foods when having a yeast infection to prevent the further growth of the fungus.

For emergencies or immediate concerns….

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